Functional programming in Python

map filter reduce zip list comprehension generator expression


Iterables: list, string, range

What does range return?

Taking up less space sys.getsizeof()

for loop with some transformation - from a list of numbers create a new list with the doubles of each value, use a function to calculate them.

map(function,  iterable)

first iterate over the results

use list to flatten the map object. Show the size.

Add a print statement to the to the double function to show how it is printed on every iteration.

Add a condition in the for loop to break out the loop when the number is negative

Instead using a named function, we could use a lambda function.

Two lists (with the same number ov values) use a `map with a lambda function on the two lists:

map(function, iterable_a, iterable_b)

what if one list is shorter? - stop iterating

map to fetch

filter - filter out big numbers


generator expression


from functools import reduce
print(reduce(lambda x,y: x+y, numbers))

reduce with default

for f_name, l_name, b_date in zip(fname, lname, born):
    print(f"{f_name:7} {l_name:7} was born {b_date}")


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